We are an international architectural practice based in Helsinki, Finland. The company is founded in 2010 by two partners, Hilla Rudanko and Anssi Kankkunen, with a strong international experience from Herzog & de Meuron Architects in Basel, ETH in Zürich and Columbia University in NYC. Our studio has been successful in architectural competitions internationally, and we work with clients from all over the world. We work on different scales of architecture from small homes to large urban design tasks. Our main goal is to create a holistic vision for every client, be it a small or a large design task. Our special focus lies in public buildings, learning environments and urban infill projects.

Our method of design is participatory: we listen to our clients and work together. We have also developed participatory design methods as part of the Finnish Uusi Kaupunki Design collective (uusi-kaupunki.fi). We always strive to make our architecture sustainable and in harmony with the surrounding environment. We also believe in multi-disciplinary collaboration: best architecture happens in multitalented teams. This is why we have built a strong collaboration network with colleagues, engineers, developers, and users of our buildings.


  • 2023Strongest in Finland Platinum -certificate, awarded for excellent credit rating for 10 consecutive years

  • 2022Helsinki South Harbour international quality and concept competition, 3rd prize

  • 2021Sara Hildén Art Museum, open competition shared 3rd prize

  • 2021Nihti Kindergarten, mini competition 1st prize

  • 2020Vanhainen Kindergarten, mini competition 1st prize

  • 2020Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, 1st prize (in association with Siklatilat)

  • 2019Sammontalo School Centre, Open competition 2nd Prize

  • 2016Sipoonlahti School Centre, Invited competition 1st Prize (in association with AFKS)

  • 2015Smart School Irkutsk, International invited competition 2nd Prize (in association with Studio Puisto)

  • 2015Alanko School Centre, Invited competition, 1st Prize (in association with Aarne von Boehm)

  • 2014Boathouse Maijaniitty, shortlisted for the Finnish Wood Award

  • 2014Ruusut recognition of The Finnish Society Of Urban Planning, for Uusi Kaupunki collective

  • 2013Aurinkokivi School, Vantaa, Finland, Open competition purchase prize

  • 2012Opinmäki School, Espoo, Finland, Open competition honorary mention


Learn for Life. New Architecture for New Learning.

Learn for Life. New Architecture for New Learning., Gestalten, Berlin. 2012.

SUOMI SEVEN. Emerging architects from Finland.

SUOMI SEVEN. Emerging architects from Finland., Exhibition at Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) in 2014 and Museum of Finnish Architecture in 2015

Arkkitehti 1/2015.

Arkkitehti 1/2015., Uusi Kaupunki Collective and Boathouse Maijaniitty presented in the leading Finnish Architectural Magazine.

BRICK 2014

BRICK 2014, Wienerberger / Callwey Press. 2014. Sra Pou vocational school presented.

Casabella (IT) 832 (12/2013)

Casabella (IT) 832 (12/2013), Architects under 30 for the 85th anniversary of Casabella.

Think Global, Build Social

Think Global, Build Social, Exhibition at Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) and Architekturmuseum Wien in 2013. Sra Pou vocational school presented.

Arkkitehti 2/2013

Arkkitehti 2/2013, Ateljee Heikkilä presented in the leading Finnish Architectural Magazine.

Vitamin Green

Vitamin Green, Book by Phaidon Press, London. 2012. Sra Pou vocational school presented.

Edition DETAIL

Edition DETAIL, Building Simply Two. Institut für internationale Architektur-Dokumentation GmbH &
Co. 2012.

AV Monografías 152

AV Monografías 152, La Escuela Global, nr. 152 (2011).

Arkkitehti 1/2019,

Arkkitehti 1/2019,, Trekoli presented in the leading Finnish Architectural Magazine.

Puu-lehti 1/2019

Puu-lehti 1/2019, Trekoli presented in the Finnish Wood Magazine.